The Most Overlooked Benefit of Children Practicing Martial Arts

By March 27, 2019 Kids Martial Arts

The most overlooked benefit of children practicing martial arts is one of the biggest.

When I was a kid, if I wanted to find my friends I had to go outside and look for where all of their bicycles were piled up. Even when we were playing video games we at least did it in the same room with each other – not online. My child is growing up in a different world.

That world is at his fingertips with a tap, a click or a swipe. It’s all online and so are his friends; even the ones he made at school or playing baseball. That’s where they interact with each other most of the time – in one of dozens of virtual spaces be it a game or social media.

One of the biggest benefits that martial arts training provides for children is one of the simplest – a real world environment in which they can not only make friends but also interact with them. That’s a big deal for parents who are concerned about their kid’s face being lit up by a screen of some sort more often than not.

That single, most often overlooked benefit of practicing martial arts is even bigger for shy kids. Martial arts is different than other sports in that it focuses more on individual goals but the classes are set up so that no student is ever left sitting alone. There is much more one on one time inside of a gym than on most fields and that makes a difference too.

That difference is evident in the kind of confidence that martial arts builds. I have seen shy kids who would barely dare to squeak when they first walked in the door speak loud and proud with their heads up and authority after achieving just a few of those individual goals.

If you want your child to unplug for a little while, gain confidence and make some new friends martial arts is an option that is worth exploring.  We have an excellent after school program at our gym in Colts Neck, New Jersey and we’d love to introduce you to some of our students.

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